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Textile Industry Brushes
Textile Industry Brushes are available in circular, cylindrical and linear designs with excellent quality frames. They are designed with low allowance necks along with dynamic balancing to ensure excellent functionality.
Industrial Brushes
These durable and heavy-duty Industrial Brushes are developed to provide maximum productivity in polishing, finishing, cleaning, sorting, and other applications. They are available in strong and effective bristles of steel, plastics, etc.
Dairy Industry Brushes
Dairy Brushes are created using plastic, polyester, etc. to ensure high durability and sturdiness. They are sure to execute different cleaning jobs in varied sectors without losing bristles.
Scrubbing Brush
Scrubbing Brush is available in circular design with high density plastic back. This impact resistant brush is available with durable bristles developed using polypropylene, natural fiber, nylon, arenga, etc.
Brush Roller For Glass Washing Machine
This durable Brush Roller For Glass Washing Machine is developed to provide the best performance when operating without any vibration and noise. This roller is used in various sectors such as printing, car washing, food processing, etc.
Deburring Brushes
Deburring Brushes are the thin cleaning equipments that are used for the wiping off the grease and the impurities that stick to the inner and outer side of the machines to prevent blocking and wearing of the machine parts.
Cup Brushes
Cup Brushes are small sized equipments that helps to remove the stains and the impurities stick to the floor and various other surfaces. These are provided with a metal casing to fix them with handles for easy handling with the help of hands.
Pharmaceutical Brushes
Pharmaceutical Brushes offered by our company are widely used for the cleaning of the machines in which the medicines are processed and to remove the deposit of the medicines in plastic and glass bottles before filling of the medicinal syrups.
Fruit Brush Roller
Fruit Brush Roller are the cylindrical shaped cleaners that are provided with plastic bristles fixed on the outer circumferential surface. These can be fixed into mechanical handles that are provided with a rotor to rotate the brush at higher speed for effective cleaning.
Floor Brushes
Floor Brushes are manual equipments tools that are especially designed for the rubbing of the hard concrete and tile floorings to remove the chemical stains and deposited dirt and grease. They are available in various different types with or without handles.